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Family Law & Divorce

From The March Issue of APSA Newsletter: Proceeding Pro Se

Family Law & Divorce

Approximately 70% of the people who contact the APSA do so because of this aspect. We continue to advise persons to read a number of very good books we have on the subjects of: divorce, money, child custody and the like because daily we hear all manner of horror stories about the huge legal bills, inequitable decisions and very unhappy people. There is no simple answer or guarantee but without any question the person who reads the half dozen pro se and legal reference books we have in our resource center will make much better choices and obtain better results than those who do not. Additionally, it is very important to type up lists and keep proof of various items so that one can organize the information. The good and caring lawyers in this field are consistent in telling us that over half of their time is spent getting the facts and trying to understand the case — that’s half the billable hours. Yes, divorce and family law matters are emotional, but failure to organize and be objective will prove very costly in legal bills or highly unsatisfactory rulings by the judge.

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