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The American Pro Se Association Web site at legalhelp.org is hosted and maintained by Roj Prasad of Web Epoch Interactive. All expenses for this site is paid by Roj Prasad since 1996. As members of APSA, a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to keeping this Web site up-to-date. You can access critical information quickly and easily to help you prepare intelligently and allow you to proceed as a Pro Se with confidence.

Original materials have been provided and compiled by Carl R. Frederick.

Carl Robert Frederick, Founder
American Pro SE Association

Carl Robert Frederick of Plainfield, NJ was a father, philanthropist, and preeminent member of the business community. Carl was born  2/7/1936 in Darby, PA. In his younger years he enjoyed collecting trains, photography,  and being a private pilot. He is an alumnus of Springfield HS 54, PA; Pennstate 59; Drexel MBA ‘62.  Early in his career he worked at Delaware Management; Argus Research; and Carter, Berlind, & Weil. Later in his career  he founded two business Frederick & Co and Frederick Research Corporation. Carl was a Certified Financial Analyst since1969 and distinguished member of The  New York Society of Security Analysts, including being a member of its corporate governance Committee since 1975.  Carl died accomplishing one of his goals to found an organization that helps those who cannot afford legal representation—American Pro Se Association.  He generously gave both his personal time and resources to help educate thousands nationwide to understand the legal system and the challenges of self-representation in a society where the legal system is often not realistically accessible to many citizens. His hope for the future is that the strides he made in advocating education reform will continue and result in the  inclusion of  mandatory high school level law courses.  He died before  finishing his book dedicated to helping people navigate through the legal system. He is survived by his two sisters Cynthia and Kathy.  He leaves behind his loving children Christine, Carl, Amy, David, Allyson, and many nieces and nephews.

General consultation has been provided by Fred S. Scampato, Esq. Mr. Scampato is a NJ attorney, practicing Labor Law and his website is njlaborlaw.com

This website is developed and Maintained by Roj Prasad and Web Epoch Interactive, Inc. on a volunteer basis. Since 1996 Roj Prasad has provided over 1600 volunteer hours for the benefit of our members.


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