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Bankruptcy Is A Last Resort Remedy &
It May Not Always Be The Best Alternative

Bankruptcy & Financial Problems

This is one area where we are able to help most people a good deal more than they might imagine – especially if they come in to discuss the problems early. A number of us have earned our living as financial advisors or consultants and our advice is FREE to APSA premium members. There are many strategies and actions one can take to solve financial problems short of bankruptcy, which is quite often not the best choice. Bankruptcy is really a last resort, when the other actions one should try first have failed to work and leave no viable alternative. Keep in mind, bankruptcy is nothing more than a court imposed deal with creditors. It has both the high costs of lawyers and the lasting negative record of bankruptcy. Generally, one can make a better private deal with most creditors because they do not want to deal with the paperwork and time involved.

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