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Despite our best efforts to make things clear some people seem to misinterpret APSA’s mission, legal limitations and the function of our ALA’s. By Law a non lawyer generally can only represent themselves – Not another person or corporate. The exceptions are few and very narrow – typically being in small claims court and a few other areas. Most states define `Attorney Referral Agents’ and APSA is Not an attorney referral service.

The concept behind APSA is we point you to basic reference sources and information. Then AFTER you have organized your files chronologically and drafted your pleadings and organized your exhibits – If we have an appropriate ALA for that area of the law and your geographic region we will try to facilitate a working relationship. We are able to make a match about 30% of the time. That means 70% of the time we do not have an appropriate ALA for a member’s situation.

Please note the ALA’s are providing their services at a discount to members, who have done their homework and constitute informed and organized members – not merely somebody looking for an attorney at a discount. The contracted rate is $75 for consultation and $120 per hour for representation payable at the time of service. Thus avoiding retainers beyond the immediate anticipated attorney hours. If you are simply looking for an attorney there are sites on the Internet, Attorney Referral Agencies, local bar associations and the telephone directory.

We suggest, for other than family law, that it may prove useful to have a legal plan subscription – although like all other approaches legal plans are not always ideal. To both facilitate your access and because some of us have experience on how best to extract needed value and services from the plan you may want to check out the following: Legal Help Forum

Importantly APSA is not a commercial service but rather a not for profit service organization made up of unpaid volunteers so when you join you become one of us.

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